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4 Must-Have Science-Based Educational Resources for This School Year!

4 Must-Have Science-Based Educational Resources for This School Year!

August 9, 2021

The new school year is just about to begin, and many kids are feeling fresh-eyed excitement to learn new things. Science is all about discovery, so a science education should have that similar spirit of engagement and critical curiosity each step of the way.

Chemistry teachers interested in providing their students some unique and cool chemistry resources can rely on Nanoscale Scientists Publishing, LLC for the essentials. We even have things for kindergarten teachers and their students as well! Read on for four of our bestselling educational resources for chemistry teachers and their students!

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1. Worksheets

Starting with kindergarten supplies, we have some fun, science-oriented letter-tracing worksheets, counting worksheets, and more!

2. Notebooks

For older students or anyone who simply loves chemistry, the Chemistry Spiral Notebook is a fantastic option as well! Featuring a colorful periodic table on the inside of the front cover, it has all the elements, their symbols, and their atomic weight.

3. Pens

At only $1.99 each, the Periodic Table Banner pen is an affordable, convenient tool for chemistry students; a great novelty item!

If you are interested in making customizable pens for your school with your logo and colors, please contact us for a quote!

4. Information Sheets

Lastly, we sell a general chemistry information sheet that folds in half and provides all the essential information for any general chemistry student!

Check out what other products Nanoscale Scientists Publishing, LLC has to offer you today!

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