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The Perfect Gift Guide For Science Loving Children!

August 31, 2021

Fun and Educational Gifts.

Come Find The Perfect Science Gift!

Shopping for gifts for kids can be somewhat tricky. You want to give them a fun gift that they’ll love, but you also don’t want it to rot their brains or drive parents up the wall. Luckily, Nanoscale Scientists Publishing is here with the perfect gift guide just in time for the holiday season! Keep reading to learn more and check out our science gifts.

Front cover of The Inorganic Chemistry Alphabet Book with a young female scientist drawn on the front.

Science Books for Children

It is never a bad idea to give a book as a gift — for children or adults for that matter. Books stimulate the mind, foster creativity, and are entertaining. The only gift better than a book is, of course, a science book! Science books make great science gifts for children of all ages. They can learn and participate in activities that are engaging, educational, and fun. If you’re on the hunt for a great child’s holiday gift, you can’t go wrong with a science book from Nanoscale Scientists Publishing. 

Mel the Mole Plushie from Nanoscale Scientists Publishing.

Science Toys

Another excellent science gift option for the little scientist in your life is a science toy! Science toys like the Periodic Table Puzzle or the Mel the Mole Plushie make for great holiday gifts. Science gifts such as these can keep your little scientist busy for hours on end, add to their treasured collection, and help them learn a little something as an added bonus. 

 Pink child’s shirt with a dreamcatcher on the front and the words “Dream Big My Little Scientist”.

Children's Science Apparel

Children’s science apparel is the perfect gift for children of all ages! Although in some cases, the science infant onesies may be just as much for the parents as the child, they’ll surely still be a hit. You’ll find children’s science apparel at Nanoscale Scientist Publishing in all manner of sizes for children as young as a few months all the way up to children a few years old. We’ve got a science gift for every important scientist in your life.

Science notebook with test tubes on it filled with rainbow liquid and the words “BE PART OF THE SOLUTION” on the front.

Science Gifts

Last but not least, for the child scientists that are a little bit older, consider science gifts such as stainless steel water bottles, fun notebooks to jot science ideas in, and science-themed drink mugs! These gifts help the embrace their inner scientist and help show their world their love for science. These science gifts are both practical and fun — you can’t go wrong!

Thanks for checking out our science gift guide at Nanoscale Scientist Publishing! We hope that you’ve found it helpful and maybe even crossed a few names off your holiday shopping list. Be sure to check out our store and come find the perfect science gift today!

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