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My Chemistry Quiet Book

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My Chemistry Quiet Book is sure to keep your child entertained and engaged! This quiet book has 10 activity pages plus the back cover mirror made out of felt with embroidery. There is a pocket on each page for movable pieces to go inside so pieces do not get lost.

Overview of the pages in My Chemistry Quiet Book:

Vibrant yellow front cover

Back cover with a flap to reveal a mirror that kids can look at

A handle for little hands to hold onto the book

A rainbow to show the "visible light spectrum" where kids match up colors using velcro

A lab clothes page where you can tie up lab shoes and button down the lab coat

A periodic table puzzle with felt pieces that attach to the page with velcro

Matching labware shapes using snaps - beaker, flasks, cylinder, Bunsen burner

Counting and matching with test tubes - each test tube has a certain number of buttons that correspond to numbers 1-4. You can match the test tubes based on color and numbers

Memory game using different chemistry pictures

A page of flaps closed by buckles, belts, zippers, buttons, ties and snaps to reveal a picture on the page underneath of an object and the common chemistry element found in that object. Example: balloon for helium, hydrogen for sun, etc.

A page with "Mel the Mole" that has movable arms and co do peek-a-boo. He also has velcro on the underside of his hands so he can hold different objects, like a lab notebook

A page that has different shapes on it, and each corner of the shape (triangle, square, etc.) has a button with string, so you can wrap the string around the buttons to make the outline of the shape. The shapes correspond to cyclic carbon molecules.

My Chemistry Quiet Book has been safety tested and certified.