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Coloring books are one of the most favorite pastime activities for kids, and adults too. They are important educational tools because they provide many benefits for physical and mental development, beyond being just fun activities! 

Coloring books:

-Stimulate creativity and spark a child's imagination!  Children often express their unique personalities through drawing and coloring and coloring books give children the chance to show off their creative side.

-Help improve your child's motor skills, hand-eye coordination, and handwriting by strengthening the muscles in their wrist, hands, and fingers to help build dexterity for handwriting

-Help build a child's recognition of colors, lines, perspective, hues, patterns, and shapes.

-Are a great way to teach focus to a child - it has been shown that children who spend more of their time coloring have better concentrations than those who spend less time coloring.

-Help with language development - by talking to your child about the objects on the coloring page, and the colors they used to color the picture, you will be giving your child an opportunity to use new words and aide in developing their critical thinking ability.

-Have been shown to be therapeutic, for both adults and children, because coloring allows one to vent their feelings, such as frustration, while creating art. 

-Are a great social past time because coloring is a perfect way to spend quality time as a family or with friends

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