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The General Chemistry Alphabet Book - 2nd Edition

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Now with new words and updated illustrations that will help engage your nanoscale scientist!

The General Chemistry Alphabet Book is a perfect first resource for nanoscale scientists to help spark their interest in chemistry. Alphabet books are often part of a child’s first exposure to read-aloud books. They teach how to acquire knowledge from printed text, how to recognize different letters and the way those letters are used in language. Alphabet picture books are stripped down to their essence, making them a great tool to teach a specific idea in a focused and easy-to-understand format. The pictures help convey the meaning of each subject and offer “real world” examples, thereby providing a new interest to the alphabet. The pictures are fun and will have your reader looking forward to story time!

Your nanoscale scientist will enjoy The General Chemistry Alphabet Book for years to come. Whether it’s learning their letters, expanding their vocabulary, or learning important chemistry concepts, The General Chemistry Alphabet Book has them covered. Jump-start your child’s interest in chemistry with these engaging images and relatable concepts.

“This novel concept for a children’s book made me laugh out loud the first time I read through it. Teaching the concept of Yocto- to a toddler? My second thought, however, was why not? Kid can get “A is for Apple” anywhere, but this book just might get them excited about science very early!”

– Dr. David Lehmpuhl, Dean of the College of Science and Math at CSU-Pueblo

“I love the different levels of learning chemistry, for kids and parents alike. I am seriously considering using this book in my General Chemistry courses to facilitate classroom discussions.”

– Dr. Matthew Cranswick, Associate Professor of Chemistry at CSU-Pueblo