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The Inorganic Chemistry Alphabet Book

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The Inorganic Chemistry Alphabet Book is a perfect first resource for nanoscale scientists to help spark their interest in chemistry. Alphabet books are often part of a child’s first exposure to read-aloud books. They teach how to acquire knowledge from printed text, how to recognize different letters and the way those letters are used in language. Alphabet picture books are stripped down to their essence, making them a great tool to teach a specific idea in a focused and easy-to-understand format. The pictures help convey the meaning of each subject and offer “real world” examples, thereby providing a new interest to the alphabet. The pictures are fun and will have your reader looking forward to story time!

Your nanoscale scientist will enjoy The Inorganic Chemistry Alphabet Book for years to come. Whether it’s learning their letters, expanding their vocabulary, or learning important chemistry concepts, The Inorganic Chemistry Alphabet Book has them covered. Jump-start your child’s interest in chemistry with these engaging images and relatable concepts.


"I laughed with delight upon opening the first 4 pages of The Inorganic Chemistry Alphabet Book.  As a life-long science educator, I was instantly drawn into the book and have never come across anything as accessible and engaging as The Inorganic Chemistry Alphabet Book.  It is both unassuming and monumental in its ability to capture whimsy, creativity, and awe of inorganic chemistry.  My mind began to race as I interacted with this very well designed book and I began to think about all of the different audiences that this book was written for.  The Inorganic Chemistry Alphabet book was not written for the child, the student, the teacher or the parent.  It was written for all of them!  This book is an excellent conversation piece for any adult who loves science and just likes to learn.  Parents can engage their children (of all ages) and begin conversations that spark scientific curiosity and exploration. In fact, I can't wait to bring this book to dinner table and see what types of questions it generates between my 15 year old and 12 year old daughters!    Teachers can also use this extremely accessible book to get kids excited and talking about really complex and magical chemical phenomena in a way that is non-threatening and inviting.  Wouldn't it be amazing to see a group of older students reading these books to a group of younger students?  Not only will both groups of students learn while they are interacting with the text, but they will build shared bonds rooted in a love of curiosity, exploration, and science.    I highly recommend "The Inorganic Chemistry Alphabet Book", for anyone who is curious about chemistry or science in general. It is accessible, fun, and interactive.  The author has accomplished the impossible by writing a book that can spark the imagination of anyone from age 2 to 200."

-Sed W. Keller - Sed Keller is a lifelong science educator who has taught everything from AP physics, robotics, and chemistry  to 3rd grade science.  He holds an active teaching and principal license with endorsements in secondary science, mathematics, special education, elementary education, and P-20 general education.  Sed is also a former Harvard Strategic Data Project Agency Fellow and is currently the Director of Research, Evaluation and Assessment for the Fountain-Fort Carson School District in Colorado